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Next-Generation License Plate Recognition Solutions

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Introduction to License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and solutions have been around for years and play a large role in a wide array of industries. What initially made these systems so attractive to businesses was the idea of automating simple and complex tasks. In certain fields, LPR can greatly reduce the workforce required or the amount of time to achieve these tasks. For instance, installing an LPR system at the gate of your HOA or Condo parking garage will save you from having to hire someone to validate entries 24/7 and keep track of vehicles that have entered.

While LPR systems are widely used to automate simple actions, we also rely on them to process what our human eyes are unable to see. The technology that surrounds High-speed License Plate Recognition provides crucial data in the Toll routes industry and law enforcement. With this type of LPR, dozens if not hundreds of scans can be performed in a slight amount of time as opposed to manually recording every license plate — which would not be possible in some of these High-Speed scenarios.

All in all, LPR systems and solutions are getting increasingly better, more accurate and faster. Below, you will see how we took the original concept of License Plate Recognition and created implementations that benefit every in the Smart Parking Apps ecosystem; Security Companies, Property Managers, Commercial Property Managers and more!

Smart Parking LPR

Smart Parking LPR is a fully mobile low-profile License Plate Recognition system that can be installed on a vehicle (patrol car, SUV, etc.) to provide High-Speed and High-Accuracy scans. Powered by ultra-accurate cameras, our system facilitates the process of doing parking lot inventory and parking audits to check for valid registrations and more — during the day or even at night.

The main benefits of using our License Plate Recognition system are:

  • Save your personnel valuable time in the field — saving you money
  • Scan large parking lots quickly and get results right away
  • Attach to any vehicle type and transport easily to another vehicle
  • Integrates with Smart Parking Apps software or your existing system*
  • Yield more tickets/infractions/citations

Smart Parking LPR

Our longest trial was conducted with Response Safety Security & Investigations at a very busy commercial retail lot that sees a lot of walk-offs and parking abuse. Response has been auditing that site for over 20 years with their parking enforcement agents. On average, they were handing out 8 tickets/day with their agents on foot. Once the LPR was configured and used at the same location for a period of 3 months, we noticed that the daily average tickets jumped to 24 — a 300% increase.

As noted, the amount of plates scanned were much higher than the field agents could record manually, yielding many more citations in the same amount of time.


Our All Inclusive LPR Kit

We have redesigned our kit to be portable inside an ultra-rugged weatherproof case that requires minimum installation time (less than 15 minutes). Contrary to competitive LPR kits and at about half the price**, ours can not only be installed in a flash, but can be just as easily moved to another vehicle.

The base kit includes:

  • 2 High-Speed ANPR Cameras
  • Dell Rugged Extreme Tablet + Our Custom GUI
  • Power Supplies (DC)
  • 1 Gigabit Network Switch
  • 1 Ultra Portable Wifi/5G Router
  • Scalable Network Cables
  • Weatherproof Hard Rugged Case


Custom GUI for ease of use

Working with an LPR system should be simple, especially in the field where your attention may be directed to multiple tasks at once. We have completely redesigned the dashboard to show relevant information before, during and after each scanning session. Integration of our GUI can be done with your existing system or devices*

See our LPR in Action!

From Trials to perfected solution — we want you to see everything. Take a look at our videos below that showcase our LPR system in action.

*integration with your system depends heavily on hardware and API capabilities
**Based on our experience and research
Snap LPR

License Plate Recognition — From Your Smartphone

SNAP LPR is a middle-ground solution between mobile patrol/parking enforcement officer and fully automated License Plate Recognition Systems. This solution was designed to provide a fast and versatile LPR experience to greatly speed up the process of doing an inventory and parking audits.

How Does It Work?

Your personnel, equipped with nothing but a Smart Phone and an active data connection will now be able to quickly scan plates using the Smart Phone Camera which will instantly give you information about the vehicle such as valid or non valid permit, if they appear on the ban list, the VIP list, etc. The whole process is seamless and let's you print citations/tickets directly from the app. Now, this all sounds great, but it's best that you take a look at our video here to show you exactly how fast and effective SNAP LPR truly is.

Snap LPR Phone